Hello world!

My name is Shivam.

I have experience working remotely with open source projects like Mozilla Firefox, CNCF, Linux foundation and building communities. I love to create content for helping other people, no matter whether its blog, technical documentation, how-to tutorials, demos. I write blogs at https://itsopensource.com/. I am maintainer of Documentation of Firefox https://firefox-source-docs.mozilla.org/, it includes documentation for people who are new to Firefox and it helps them in contributing to projects. I organise meetups, hack nights to hack on Firefox with contributors. Apart from writing code and creating content to help people I have great interest in organizing events. I organised over 50 meetups, hackathons, and college workshops over the last few years.

I am always open and eager to learn new things.

I recently wrote a docker book for beginners with over 10k readers and 300+ stars on github - https://github.com/championshuttler/docker-basicLearning . I love working on tools for developers which helps them in growing.

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